175Blo-Paris - Terms and Conditions

It is specified that by the term "the operating company" is designated the company CIDEL France, located 13, rue Rosenwald 75015 Paris, operating the establishment designated under the trade name: 175Blo-Paris at 175 rue Blomet, 75015 Paris.
The present General Conditions of Sale (GCS) apply to the reservation made by the Client. These GCS are available to Clients on our website. Any reservation therefore implies the Client's full and unreserved adherence to these conditions.
We mean by the following terms :

  • Service Provider: La Résidence 17Blo-Paris
  • Client(s): The person(s) who made the reservation and who are staying at 17Blo-Paris.
  • Resident(s): The person(s) who made the reservation and who are staying at 17Blo-Paris.
  • Check-in: Arrival and/or check-in at 17Blo-Paris
  • Check-out : Departure from the 17Blo-Paris establishment
  • OTA : (Online Tourism Agency) Online travel agency (Booking.com, Airbnb.com, expedia.fr...)
  • LRAR : Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Article 1 - Legal regime of the contract
The present contract is subject, depending on the establishment concerned, to the status of serviced residences or tourist residences. The present lease is concluded as a temporary residence. The premises may not be used as a primary or even secondary residence. The resident may not engage in any commercial, craft or professional activity. The occupying Resident may not take advantage of the legal provisions applicable to residential leases, in particular with regard to the maintenance of the premises. Consequently, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the civil code as well as by the conditions provided for herein.

Article 2 - Reservation
The reservation of an apartment in the residence 175Blo-Paris is valid only after acceptance of the customer's reservation by the operating company. Confirmation of the client's reservation by the operating company remains at its sole discretion. The reservation will only be considered firm once the full payment of the reservation has been validated by the online payment on our website (www.175blo-paris.com) or by phone.
The customer must be able to present upon arrival (check-in) a valid identity document as well as the credit card used for online or telephone payment.
Group reservations, i.e. reservations for more than 2 accommodations booked by the same entity for the same period, are subject to the specific conditions of the groups.
Different conditions may apply for special offers. In this case, the particularities mentioned under the description of the rate on the reservation page or on the communication medium concerned prevail over the conditions mentioned above.

Article 3 - Terms of payment
The price is payable in full, in cash, on the day of confirmation of the reservation by the Client, according to the methods specified in Article 2 "Reservations" above, by secure payment:

  • By credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, other credit cards (Ecard bleue)
  • By bank transfer to the RIB of the company CIDEL France, which will be provided during the transmission of estimates.

At the time of booking, the Customer communicates his bank details, specifying the name of the credit card, the number of the credit card, the validity date (the credit card must be valid until the end date of the stay) and the cryptogram.

The payment data is exchanged in encrypted mode thanks to the SSL protocol.
The Customer will come to the Establishment with the credit card used to make the payment for the reservation. A valid identity document is required as part of the procedures to prevent credit card fraud.

The Service Provider shall not be obliged to provide the services ordered by the Customer if the price has not been paid in full in accordance with the above-mentioned conditions.
Additional invoices must be paid immediately upon presentation. On the day of the Customer's arrival, the operating company will invoice the Customer for his entire stay and any additional services, in the event that full payment has not been made beforehand. For long-term stays of 28 nights or more, invoices will be issued and presented monthly and payable in advance by bank transfer or electronic payment. In the event that it has been agreed that payment for a resident's stay would be made by a third party, the resident -occupant - will remain jointly and severally liable for the payment in question.
The payment of all optional services will be required upon presentation of the corresponding invoice.
The credit limit accepted by the operating company for this type of service is 200 euros.
The operating company shall be entitled to a monthly late payment interest of 1.5% on any amount not paid by the settlement date. In the event of a balance remaining unpaid on the date of departure of the Resident, the operating company reserves the right to debit the credit card for the amount still outstanding.

Article 4 - Rates
The prices are indicated in euros. They are inclusive of all taxes and include only the provision of accommodation, cleaning and laundry service for the duration of the stay. They do not include tourist taxes or optional services. For long stays, at least 14 days or more, one laundry service per week will be charged in addition to the accommodation.

Article 5 - Deposit, Security deposit
Upon reservation or upon arrival, the Client will pay a deposit in the form of a security deposit, the amount of which is specific to each type of accommodation either :

  • Security deposit of 350 euros for "Mini Studio" and "Studio" type accommodations
  • Deposit of 400 euros for "Suite Studio" type accommodations
  • Deposit of 450 euros for "Studio Terrace" and "Mini Loft" type apartments
  • Deposit of 600 euros for "Loft Duplex" type housing

After departure, in the absence of any deterioration noted and after payment of all invoices and ancillary services consumed on site, the deposit will be fully refunded within 48 hours. Failing this, the security deposit will be returned, after deduction of repairs following damage, replacement of missing objects or additional cleaning of the premises, within 60 days following the tenant's departure at the latest.

Article 6 - Modifications to the length of stay
The duration of the stay is as stated in the booking confirmation or in the accommodation offer. Subject to availability and at the discretion of the operating company, the duration of the stay may be extended, without obligation to remain in the same category of accommodation, nor at the same price. In the event of an accepted extension of stay and the application of a new price, the new price will be applicable from the first effective day of the extension.

In the event of early departure, for an initial stay of less than 28 nights, the applicable price will be that corresponding to the duration thus shortened plus two days. For an initial stay of more than 28 nights, the Resident is requested to notify the Residence of the new departure date at least 96 hours before the new departure date. Failure to comply with this deadline may result in the payment of a severance payment ranging from 2 to 4 nights depending on operating criteria.

Article 7 - Withdrawal - Cancellation - No show
The customer is reminded that, in accordance with Article L242-3 of the Consumer Code, he does not have the right of withdrawal provided for in Article L221-28 of the same code.

For bookings from the 175Blo-Paris website or by telephone, any cancellation must be notified in writing or by e-mail from the contact section to the operating company.
The effective date of a written cancellation will be the date of receipt of the cancellation. In case of cancellation, compensation must be paid to the operating company according to the application criteria detailed below:

  • If your stay is less than 5 nights: any cancellation received after 11:00 a.m. (Paris local time - France) the day before arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to one night's stay.
  • If your stay is between 5 and 27 nights: any cancellation received less than 48 hours from the day of arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 2 nights of stay.
  • If your stay is 28 nights or more: any cancellation received less than 72 hours from the date of arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 4 nights of stay.
  • Failure to arrive (of the reservation) in case of no cancellation will be deemed a "no show" and will be subject to a cancellation indemnity equal to the first two nights of the stay.

For reservations made from travel agencies and other "OTA", the cancellation conditions in force at the agencies will be applied.

Certain exceptional or special rates may be "non-refundable" regardless of the date of cancellation. In this case, the cancellation conditions detailed above do not apply and the total amount prepaid will not be refunded for any reason.

Similarly, special rates, such as "semi-flexible" rates that provide for a maximum notice period to be respected in order to confirm the cancellation before the day of arrival, are deemed non-refundable if the notice period is not respected. The total amount prepaid will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

Article 8 - Arrival and departure
Check-in time is from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the day of arrival. In the event of a later reservation, Residence 17Blo-Paris will then arrange directly with the Client to communicate the necessary access codes and the procedure to follow.

The vacancy of the accommodation, check-out time, is before 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Any late departure, before 3 p.m. may be subject to an indemnity of 30% (thirty percent) of the price of the night. Any late departure, after 3 p.m. and before 6 p.m. will be charged at 50% (fifty percent) of the price of the night. Any late departure, after 6 p.m. will be invoiced as an additional night at the rate of 100% (one hundred percent) of the price of the night.

Article 9 - Obligations of the customer
The apartment will be made available to the client in a good state of maintenance. The client will use the rented premises and their facilities reasonably. He will have to respect the regulations in force according to the information communicated at the time of the reservation and available at the bottom of the page of the present general conditions of sale in article 16 - Information and Regulations of the Residence 175Blo-Paris.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules in force and the maximum occupancy standards per rented accommodation indicated on the price lists per type of accommodation and/or per residence, the Provider reserves the right to immediately terminate the client's stay without paying compensation of any kind.
The Client must verify the accuracy of the information provided to the Provider and may notify the Provider of any anomaly, missing or damaged items upon arrival and, if necessary, within 24 hours of arrival.

Upon the Client's departure, the inventory and the state of cleanliness of the apartment will be checked by the operating company and any lack of inventory or damage caused to the apartment will be charged to the resident. The operating company reserves the right to enter the rented premises for maintenance or security purposes.

Article 10 - Liability
The responsibility of the operating company cannot be engaged in case of theft or damage of personal belongings, in the apartments, including any individual safes, common areas, parking lots and any other outbuildings or annexes of the residence: the present accommodation contract being subject to the status of serviced or tourist residences, the provisions of articles 1952 and following of the civil code, relating to hoteliers, are not applicable.

Article 11 - After sales
The teams on site are available during the stay to answer any complaints, solve any malfunctions observed and allow you to fully enjoy your stay. Any complaint can be the subject of a letter sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to CIDEL France, 13 rue Rosenwald, 75015 Paris with the mention "La Résidence 175Blo-paris".

Article 12 - Modifications of the services
If circumstances oblige it to do so, and only in the event of an event of force majeure beyond its control, the operating company may be obliged to modify partially or totally its services, both in terms of accommodation and any optional services such as cleaning and laundry. The services not provided will not be invoiced but no compensation can be requested.

Article 13 - Cancellation - Penalty - Non renewal
The contract will be terminated automatically, without formality and without delay, in the event of non-performance by the resident of any of his obligations or inappropriate behavior likely to disrupt the stay of the other occupants. The resident must leave the premises immediately and may be evicted if necessary with the assistance of the police force.

Article 14 - Data processing and liberties
All personal data collected at the time of booking are mandatory for the processing of the stay. Residents will have to fill in the Police forms for all persons residing in the rented accommodation when checking in online, or upon arrival at Residence 17Blo-Paris. In the event of inaccuracy or failure to comply with the obligations to register the Policy forms, the Provider reserves the right to immediately terminate the stay of all clients residing in the accommodation.

The data is processed and stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Charter, which can be consulted at any time on the personalized and secure client space: https://www.mews.li/navigator/sign-in.
In compliance with the RGPD (https://www.cnil.fr/fr/reglement-europeen-protection-donnees) regulations, the Customer can read the information shared in its section: Profile / Shared data and make the request online so that this personal information is deleted.

Each consumer has the possibility to register free of charge on the list of opposition to telephone solicitation www.bloctel.gouv.fr. It is forbidden for a professional to telephone canvass a consumer registered on this list, except in the case of a contractual relationship.

Article 15: Settlement of consumer disputes
In accordance with Articles L611-1 et seq. and R612-1 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, any dispute or litigation known as a consumer dispute, subject to Article L.612-2 of the same code, may be settled amicably by mediation at the CMAP - Centre de Médiation et d'Arbitrage de Paris -.

Disputes may not be examined by the mediator if the request is manifestly unfounded or abusive, or has been previously examined or is being examined by another mediator or by a court, or if the consumer has submitted his request to the mediator within more than one year from his written complaint to the lessor, or if the dispute does not fall within the mediator's field of competence, or if the lessee does not justify having previously attempted to resolve his dispute directly with the Service Provider in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • 1st sending by LRAR of the claim to your residence (postal address indicated on your booking confirmation) or email to contact@175blo-paris.com with the mention "Mediation" or "Reclamation".
  • 2nd sending by LRAR of the complaint to CIDEL France - 13 rue Rosenwald - 75015 Paris, in the absence of resolution of the dispute within 2 weeks from receipt of the 1st sending.

In the absence of answer or unsatisfactory answer within one month following the second sending, you can submit your dispute to the mediator according to the following methods at your choice :

  • Fill out the form on the CMAP website: http://www.cmap.fr/ tab "you are a consumer".
  • Send your request by simple or registered mail to CMAP Médiation Consommation, 39 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75008 PARIS.
  • Send an email to consommation@cmap.fr.

Article 16 - Information and Regulations of Residence 175Blo-Paris
As specified in "Article 9 - Client's Obligations", in the event of failure to comply with the regulations, the Service Provider reserves the right, in certain cases, to immediately terminate the Client's stay without paying compensation of any kind.

  • All common areas of the Residence are under continuous video surveillance.
  • The door of the Residence is protected by a digicode. The Provider reserves the right to change the digicode code at any time, and will inform the Residents by email.
  • Parties, gatherings and other public or private events are prohibited within the residence, both in private and common areas.
  • Pets are not allowed in Residence 175Blo-Paris, however the Customer may make a written request to the Provider at the following email address: contact@175blo-paris.com with the mention "Pets". In the event of non-compliance with this regulation, the Provider will apply a lump-sum fine of 150 euros (one hundred and fifty euros) attributable to the cost of disinfecting the accommodation.
  • Clients are required between 10 pm and 7 am, not to make any noise, in compliance with the laws in force on the offence of disturbance at night.
  • Any kind of photography, audio and/or video footage, unless strictly for private purpose, is prohibited. Filming for the cinema, television, online videos on the website and all other media, are strictly forbidden within the Residence 175Blo-Paris, both in private and common areas. A prior written request must be sent to the following e-mail address: contact@175blo-paris.com with the mention "Filming". Prior authorization and a contract must be put in place by the Client and the Service Provider. In the event of non-compliance by the Customer, the Service Provider reserves the right to take legal action against the Customer and to demand the removal of the media on the concerned supports.
  • The whole of the Residence 175Blo-Paris, private and common parts is NON-SMOKING. Electronic cigarettes, hookahs, chichas, etc. are also prohibited. In the event of non-compliance with this regulation, the Provider will apply a fixed fine of 150 euros (one hundred and fifty euros) attributable to the cost of disinfecting the accommodation.
  • The dismantling, or alteration of any kind whatsoever of the fire and/or smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors will result in a lump-sum fine of 80 euros (eighty euros) attributable to the technical costs of testing and re-commissioning.

The basic and additional capacities for residents in Residence 175Blo-Paris vary according to the type of accommodation and are subject to a flat rate per person and per night as follows :

  • "Mini Studio" and "Studio": 2 persons maximum / no additional persons allowed
  • "Mini Loft": 2 people maximum / no additional people allowed
  • "Studio Suite": 2 persons / 2 persons maximum at the rate of 35 euros (thirty-five) per night per person plus tourist taxes.
  • "Studio Terrace": 2 people maximum / no additional people allowed
  • "Loft Duplex": 2 persons / 2 persons maximum in supplement at the rate of 45 euros (forty-five) per night per person plus tourist taxes.

In the event of non-compliance, the Provider reserves the right to require the Customer to regularize the situation during the session. If the Customer refuses to do so, the Provider may immediately terminate the Customer's stay without paying any compensation of any kind.

Gatherings are prohibited within Residence 175Blo-Paris and the maximum capacity of the Residence from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. varies as follows depending on the type of apartment, including the clients residing in the apartment :

  • "Mini Studio" and "Studio": 4 people maximum
  • "Mini Loft": 4 people maximum
  • "Studio Suite": 6 people maximum
  • "Studio Terrace": 8 people maximum
  • "Loft Duplex": 8 people maximum

In the event of non-compliance, the Provider reserves the right to require the Customer to regularize the situation during the session. If the Customer refuses to do so, the Provider may immediately terminate the Customer's stay without paying any compensation of any kind.